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- Simple combinations, flexible replacement – The Eurotech modular construction system allows you to combine a wide range of base plates with many different seals

Vacuum suction plates in heavy use cannot be protected from wear. Many suction plates are vulcanised onto the base plate: once the seal is worn out, both need to be replaced, although the base plate is technically still functional. This is neither sustainable nor economical – but Eurotech offers a solution. The specialist for vacuum technology offers a wide range of detachable seals, which can be combined with many different base plates. This saves time and money and is better for the environment.

If seals are vulcanised onto a base plate, the suction plate can no longer be separated. Worn-out seals produce special waste due to the two very different materials used. Disassembling these suction plates is ex­treme­ly time-consuming.

With Eurotech suction plates, the worn-out seal can simply be detached from the base plate and replaced within seconds. As seals only cost a fraction of the price of a com­plete suction plate, this solution con­si­der­ably reduces the cost of the re­place­ment. Only the worn-out seal is thrown away; the base plate remains in use.

“The system is similar to car tyres,”

Michael Renger, Eurotech Sales Manager, explains.

“After all, you wouldn’t dream of throwing away your rims just because your tyres are worn.”


Another advantage of the replaceable seals by Eurotech is their high combinability: you can combine seals of three sizes with four different types of suspension, made from a wide range of different materials including the three primary materials, NBR black, NBR grey and silicone. The possible combinations are virtually endless.

“If a customer uses vulcanised suction plates and suddenly wishes to switch from NBR to silicone, this is problematic,”

Renger explains.

“With our modular construction system, however, the same customer could equip their suction cup flexibly and modify it quickly as the need arises. Regardless of whether they need a seal made from a different material, a different supporting surface or even both: off with the old seals, on with the new, and we’re good to go!”

This diversity of options helps you to easily establish the best conditions for lifting loads of different materials.