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- New flyer of the eT-Gripper suction box series

euroTECH has one new flyer. You can find here all inportant informations about our eT-Gripper suction box series. The eT-Grippers are suitable for uneven, rough-sawn and undulating structures, but they can handle smooth surfaces as well.

The new flyer contains all informations like general features or benefits of the eT-Gripper, as well as details about profile breadths and lengths, the design/con­struc­tion and the suction mats.

At the moment you can find the flyer in 10 languages in our download area. Soon we will be able to hold them in our hands in a printed form.

If you are interested to get the printed flyers, you can preorder it by use of our contact form.


The english version of the flyer you can find here.