What you should know about us

- New brochure about the lifting device product family eT-Hover available

The product family eT-Hover contains some different series. Each series has its own features. These are shown in this new brochure.

It is our aim to provide our customers the best service. Therefore, we would like to provide you with as much information as possible so that you quickly and easily can find the right products for your application.

In our new brochure about the product family eT-Hover, you will find the relevant technical data as well as a short product description for each series.

For a quicker and better overview there is also a small folder on which only the series and their characteristics (horizontal / vertical handling, pivoting, rotating, turning) are shown. So you first can select the right series of the task without much effort.

Of course, we do not just manufacture standard equipment. If there is nothing for you in the selection, please describe your application using the contact form. Our "team of thinkers" in the engineering design department then will develop the right solution.


Here you can download the brochure...