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- Say goodbye to back pain – Eurotech eT-Lift tube lifters make your work easier

Short cycle times are commonplace in industry, logistics and craft sectors. As a result, the human body is exposed to immense, one-sided strains from repeatedly bending over quickly and lifting and moving heavy loads. This causes frequent downtimes. Eurotech eT-Lift tube lifters allow you to perform these tasks without using your own physical strength. The weight and size of the load does not matter: our product range consists of devices for loads weighing between 20 and 250 kilograms.

Image 1: Easy, back saving lifting of cardboards with the eT-Lift-flexi

Image 2: Plates made of wood, metal, plastic or glass can be moved by only one hand with the eT-Lift

Image 3: The lifting of heavy canisters is also no longer a problem with the load hook

Image 4: (Alternative picture of Image 1) Easy, back saving lifting of cardboards with only one hand

Image 5: With the oval changeable tool for bags you won’t have to move them by yourself again

Image 6: Pick-and-Place with the eT-Lift-mini


The Eurotech eT-Lift tube lifters are versatile lifting and positioning devices that are suitable for almost any application. They simplify work wherever loads – wooden, plastic, metal boards or glass panes – need to be lifted quickly, easily and flexibly, moved from one storage location to another, rotated, stacked or consigned for shipment. You can effortlessly switch be­tween loads thanks to a wide range of change tools and a quick-change mech­an­ism on each eT-Lift.

Resilient materials and reliable technology ensure minimal maintenance and low wearout. The Eurotech tube lifters are distinguished by their long service life, great reliability and high safety standards.

“Our safety standards ensure that loads are not simply dropped in case of a power cut, for instance. Instead, they are gently lowered by the tube lifter,”

Michael Renger, Head of Sales, explains.

“We combine safety with an er­go­nomic design and efficiency,”

Renger says.

“The handles of the eT-Lift series are also highly ergonomic and sensitive. They can be operated intuitively with only one hand. This allows the operator to use their other hand to guide the load while setting it down.”

The series consists of three device models: the eT-Lift-mini is a small, compact tube lifter with a pistol grip. The pick-and-place device for frequently recurring work pro­cess­es can handle loads such as furniture parts or cardboard boxes weighing be­tween 20 and 65 kilograms. The slightly larger eT-Lift-eco is suitable for a wide range of applications. Narrow components such as small boards or cardboard boxes, bags, buckets or canisters are no problem for this lifter. For large loads, the eT-Lift-flexi should be your tool of choice. It extends the handle bar of the eT-Lift-eco, which improves the safety of the operator. The extension establishes a greater dis­tance to the device, thus preventing the operator’s feet from getting underneath the lifted load. It also makes large, heavy and unwieldy wooden boards considerably easier to handle. The graded carrying capacities of the eT-Lift-eco and eT-Lift-flexi models range from 30 kg up to 250 kg.

Eurotech offers its tube lifters individually or as a complete system including a top crane system, which may be a slewing crane or a lightweight top crane system. Unlike lifting devices, tube lifters do not require an additional chain hoist, as the vacuum contracts the lifting hose to lift the load.