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- Anything is possible – The eT-Gripper suction boxes by Eurotech can lift loads with any type of surface, from smooth to rough sawn

Wood, metal, ceramics and other materials can be difficult to process. Boards and panels are frequently uneven, warped or undulating; they can have cracks, holes, bores, gaps or knotholes. Their surface can be covered in dust, sawdust, packaging supports or bark residues. Eurotech suction boxes stand in wherever suction plates fall short. The vacuum suction boxes in the eT-Gripper series effortlessly handle a wide range of materials, dimensions and surfaces.

Image 1: eT-Gripper vacuum lifting frame lifts several wooden boards (Photo: Wintersteiger/VAP)

Image 2: eT-Gripper at the plant of a customer (Photo: Wintersteiger/VAP)

The eT-Gripper suction boxes by Eurotech are predestined for handling loads with various surfaces, dimensions and / or undefined loading positions. They allow you to lift loads with widely different characteristics – including rough-sawn and dusty items – one after another without modifying your equipment. This makes the eT-Gripper devices particularly suitable for use in sawmills and the timber and furniture industry.

“An eT-Gripper can even lift multiple different pieces si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly,”

Michael Renger, Head of Sales, explains.

“A line of cans, for instance, loosely adjoined boards, or items of different shapes and sizes.”

“Depending on the task at hand, you equip your suction box with a suction mat or multiple bellow suction cups in order to adapt to the load perfectly,”

Renger continues. Whether an eT-Gripper is equipped with a suction mat or bellow suction cups depends on the requirements of the task. If the loads to be lifted are heavily structured, roughly sawn or porous, a suction mat is used. It creates a vacuum-tight connection between the load and the suction box by sealing the rough surface of the load while offsetting its level differences. Different hole patterns in the suction mats and thickness levels between 10 and 30 millimetres enable the suction boxes to adapt to individual tasks even more effectively. The suction mats, which are made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene rubber), are available in different grades with open, half-closed or closed cells. They are fitted with easily detachable, adhesive foil to facilitate the easy replacement of worn-out mats.

For lifting unstructured, thin or unstable loads, the suction boxes are usually equipped with small bellow suction cups, which establish the necessary stability even for thin and fragile boards. The suction carpet in the bellow suction cups suffers from less wear than a suction mat. In addition, a single worn-out suction cup is easier to replace than an entire mat: this saves not only time but also money, making the process more sustainable and low-maintenance.

Eurotech suction boxes can simplify many tasks in the industry, craft sectors and logistics. They can be used for robots, portals and lifting devices, which saves a lot of time at various stages of the process: packing, loading, palletising, picking, sorting, etc.

Thanks to the modular design of the low-maintenance eT-Grippers, all components are easily accessible: the suction boxes, which are built from material-efficient light metal profiles, can be opened and cleaned with little effort. This increases their service life and ensures hygienic, clean lifting. The modular structure further allows you to switch effortlessly from suction carpets to suction mats and vice versa. 

Our high-quality material, excellent workmanship and sophisticated technology ensure reliability and a long service life. Vacuum suction boxes by Eurotech have a clear, modular structure with low wear rates and only a small number of individual components, which makes them particularly efficient handling tools.

Eurotech offers a wide range of vacuum-generating devices such as fans, pumps and ejectors. By choosing the right vacuum generator, you can ensure sufficient holding power at all times.