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- Scissor lift loading units with vacuum suction boxes – The Eurotech eT-Gripper in use at MAKA Systems GmbH

When it comes to automating CNC-controlled production facilities, there is a wide range of options from roller con-veyors to robots. The best solution for each individual case depends on the specific requirements of the customer. Maka Systems from Nersingen has been active in the market for specialised CNC units for 60 years. The company’s exten-sive wealth of experience is particularly popular with door manufacturers. For its latest mechanisation component, the scissor lift loading unit, Maka Systems has enlisted the vac-uum experts from EuroTECH Vertriebs GmbH.

Image 1: Unloading the panels in the pick-up station of the processing centre

Image 2: Stacking panels

Image 3: Suction process

Image 4: Lifting and turning panels

Maka Systems develops and produces most parts of its plants in Nersingen. This includes a new mechanisation component that is already being used by several renowned door manufacturers in Europe: the scissor lift loading unit. It is designed as a scissor arm loader that can carry out horizontal and vertical movements. “Our system easily moves parts of up to 400 kg,” Maka engineer Markus Hepp explained. The component features special loading gear with eT-Gripper vacuum suction boxes by Eurotech. Com-bined with a digital pressure monitoring system, it grips and de-tects different load dimensions. The eT-Gripper suction boxes are predestined for handling loads with various surfaces, dimensions and/or undefined loading positions. This allows you to lift loads with widely different characteristics sequentially without modify-ing your equipment. Even rough-sawn and dusty items are gripped easily. This makes the eT-Gripper devices particularly useful for the timber and furniture industry.

The tool developed by Maka Systems features parallel kinemat-ics with a scissor arm; the stroke is generated by toothed belts reinforced with steel. It also has fully integrated sensors that de-tect double doors, folds and stack heights. The combination of Eurotech vacuum lifting technology with the integrated sensors and parallel kinematics by Maka Systems achieves maximal process security and efficiency and is easy to operate. The part-nership between the two companies combines sixty years of ex-perience with CNC machines and twenty years of vacuum lifting experience.

At present, only door manufacturers use the Maka scissor lift loading unit. But the system is suitable for many other applica-tions in the field of flat loads. This merely requires adjusting the vacuum technology to the individual material and load weight. Eurotech intends to support Maka actively in this endeavour.