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- Versatile or simple? – Eurotech presents lifting devices, suction boxes and tube lifters for many different purposes at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE

Eurotech will be presenting some of its specialist products at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE trade fair in Nuremberg: lifting devices from the eT-Hover series, tube lifters from the eT-Lift series, and its new generation of suction boxes from the eT-Gripper series. Between 21 and 24 March, visitors to booth 261 in hall 3 will have an opportunity to put the devices to the test. They can also get expert advice for using the vacuum components, handling devices, or the complete vacuum solution with a crane.

Image 1: Depending on requirements, choose the eT-Hover-allround or eT-Hover-modesty to turn your load.

Image 2: The tube lifters from the eT-Lift product family can lift wooden panels, glass panes, sheet metal as well as cardboard boxes, canisters, sacks. They spare your back and make all lifting tasks that much easier.

Image 3: The eT-Hover-allround holds a window pane

Image 4: The ergonomically designed operating handle of the eT-Hover lifting devices facilitates intuitive operation

Those looking for a device to rotate their loads will find suitable lifting devices at the Eurotech booth. The trade fair exhibits will include the modular eT-Hover-allround, a compact, versatile tool whose base unit can be converted individually and flexibly to fulfil a wide range of handling tasks. It facilitates horizontal and vertical lifting, pivoting and rotating through 360° and any combination of these movements. De­pen­ding on the vacuum components and vacuum generators used, these lifting devices can handle loads weighing up to 500 kg.

Another highlight of the Eurotech booth is the eT-Hover-modesty vacuum lifting de­vice, which visitors can try out first-hand. If you need your loads rotated to 90° only, this lifting device might be your perfect choice. It is suitable for lifting and rotating vacuum-tight, flat loads such as glass panes, wooden boards, plastic panels and metal sheets. Depending on the vacuum components and vacuum generators used, these lifting devices can handle loads weighing up to 250 kg. The eT-Hover-modesty devices have a simple design. They are more economical alternatives to the eT-Hover-allround.

Besides the lightweight standard suction boxes made from light-alloy profiles, Eurotech will also be presenting its new generation of eT-Gripper devices, which are even lighter than their predecessor versions. More compact and easier to maintain than the other members of the product family, these grippers handle frequently varying surfaces and formats just as well as smooth, rough-sawn, uneven and undulating structures. Their sturdy, material-efficient light-metal profile and optimised layout of flow limitations ensure a high suction air rate. They can be part of a portal or robotic solution.

Wherever wooden plates, boxes, glass panes, sacks, canisters or similar items need to be lifted, stacked or relocated quickly, easily and flexibly, the a tube lifter from the eT-Lift product family is your best choice. The versatile lifting and positioning devices can be used for almost any application; they are easy to handle and equipped with an ergonomic one-hand control system. Thanks to their quick-swap system, changing tools only takes a few easy steps. The graded carrying capacities range from 20 kg up to 250 kg. This time, the eT-Lift-mini will be on show. Repeatedly bending over, lifting and moving even light to medium-weight loads can cause back problems: the eT-Lift-mini prevents such injury. It is a small, compact tube lifter with a pistol grip. The pick-and-place device for frequently recurring work processes can handle loads such as furniture parts, sheet material, cardboard boxes and other packaging weighing between 20 and 65 kilograms.