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Lifting devices of the eT-Hover product family from euroTECH find a broad field of applications in manufacturing plants and construction sites. From the compact standard device to the special lifting device, developed to the specific needs of custom­ers, you can find a wide range of handling solutions. All vacuum lifting devices fulfill the DIN EN 13155.

Find the lifting device that is suitable for you:


  • horizontal and/or vertical handling
  • for large-surface loads
  • max. carrying capacity 250 and 500 kg
  • rotation and/or pivoting possible


  • horizontal handling
  • for turning loads around 180 using a linear actuator
  • for large-surface loads or trapezoidal profiles
  • max. carrying capacity 250 or 450 kg


  • horizontal and/or vertical handling
  • for flat loads
  • max. carrying capacity 150 or 600 kg
  • manual or pneumatic rotation
  • extern or integrated vacuum generation
  • works completely with compressed air at
  • manual rotating and pivoting
    with eT-Hover-modesty-SD-360


  • horizontal and/or vertical handling
  • for large-surface loads
  • available for indoor and outdoor
  • modularly expandable
    -> various dimensions of loads possible
  • max. carrying capacity 500 kg
    with expansion 700 kg
  • manual rotation
  • manual or electrical pivoting