Tube lifter

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This eT-Lift is used for large lifting heights. The base unit of the eT-Lift-eco is equipped with a rigid or flexible operating handle that is modified in length and design. It permits picking up loads from shelves at greater heights or from tall stacks.

Furthermore the longer operating handle increases the safety of the user. By the extension there is a greater distance to the device, which implicates that the user doesn't have to bend over the loads for operating the device, when the loads have huge dimensions. As well the user's feet won't be under the suspended load due to the extended handle.

The eT-Lift-flexi is suitable for lifting flat loads such as chipboards, plasterboards, etc. with maximum dimensions of up to 1500 ˣ 3000 mm or 2100 ˣ 2800 mm (de­pen­ding on the tool). The lifting of cardboard boxes or wood panels, bags, buckets, cans or the like is also no problem.

As with the eT-Lift-eco the graded carrying ca­pa­ci­ties range from min. 30 kg to max. 250 kg. The vacuum is generated by a blower or a vac­uum pump depending on the area of use. There is a wide range of standard load handling equipment to choose from, while also customer-oriented solutions can be de­livered.

At the moment there are eight tools avail­able for the eT-Lift-flexi.

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