Tube lifter

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The eT-Lift-mini is a small, compact tube lif­ter with one-hand operation in dif­fer­ent models with a carrying capacity of up to max. 60 kg.

It is suitable for lifting loads such as chip­boards, cardboard boxes, etc. with max­i­mum dimensions of up to 600 ˣ 400 mm or 500 ˣ 500 mm (depending on the tool).

A pump or ejector generates the vacuum. Dif­ferent tooling and attachment parts make this tube lifter a tool adept for uni­ver­sal use.

You can use the handle by use of only one hand. It's a pick-and-place device for fre­quent­ly recurring work processes – com­pact and fast. This does not only protect the back, it furthermore helps to provide a enor­mous time saving. 


At the moment there are two tools available for the eT-Lift-mini.


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